UK Customers Pre-Order 700 Nissan GT-Rs In Just 48 hours



The UK has once again proven their extreme passion for autos.

The Nissan GT-R just became available for pre-order in the UK but, like every other market where the GT-R is available, there is already a long waiting line to get behind the wheel of Nissan’s supercar. Nissan dealers began taking pre-orders on April 2 and, within a mere 48 hours, had already sold 700 vehicles.

The fact that 700 people would plunk down £3,500 ($7,000) in 48 hours to reserve a GT-R is pretty impressive considering Nissan won’t begin delivering the vehicles until March 2009 and that in the UK the GT-R retails for £52,900 ($105,000).

“The dealer order line lit-up on the 2 April with an unprecedented amount of orders being placed. This clearly demonstrates the UK’s passion for performance cars and the enthusiastic following that the GT-R has established,” said Paul Willcox, Managing Director Nissan Motor (GB) Limited.

Willcox also says that demand is so strong in the UK that he is already in negotiations with Nissan Europe to get a larger allocation of the supercar.


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