Coqui Coqui Spa and Fragrances


Coqui Coqui Spa and Fragrances

Though Tulum, Mexico is no longer the secret it was ten years ago, visitors will still have to travel the routes of ancient explorers to find Coqui-Coqui, a beachfront boutique hotel and spa located just beyond the ancient Mayan ruins. But those who are really in the know come here for something totally unexpected: one-of-a-kind fragrances crafted at the on-site perfumery. Influenced by local flora–orange blossom, agave, wild black vanilla–founder Nicolas Malleville has created a collection of seven unique scents from Lavman (lavander and chamomile) to Flopum (Flor de Mayo and plumeria).

COQUI COQUI, the unique residence and spa at Xtabay Estate, is located on the road to Boca Paila km 8.5, and is entirely devoted to your well-being. The integration of lush vegetation, pure air and turquoise water provides the perfect environment to awaken the senses, and to renew, restore and enhance the harmony between body, mind and soul.


The concept is simply lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that affords you the ultimate in luxury accommodation, the natural beauty that is exclusive to Tulum and the privacy of living in your personal, tropical hideaway. You can reserve a master suite, a suite, a room or the residence. The emphasis is on choice and the fulfillment of all of your wishes to allow you to share in the experience, magic and lifestyle of the area.

Coqui Coqui provides all the expected facilities with unparalleled elegance through unique interior design that combine Asian and European influences. Beautiful imported fixtures, Mexican artifacts, hand made furniture and exquisite tapestries and carvings lend to Coqui Coqui´s spirit. Personal touches can be found in every corner, delighting the senses and offering glimpses into the cultures of the region.


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