Lancôme Absolue Premium Bx Night Recovery Cream


Lancôme Absolue Premium Bx Night Recovery Cream 

I think that probably the most effective way to combat the aging process is to live a healthy life, especially beforethe onset of wrinkles.  Nonetheless, I still get giddy when I hear about quality face creams.  This particular one is from Lancôme, a company that I have had an on-going love affair with for years.

The Lancôme Absolue Premium Bx Night Recovery Cream is a rich and soothing face cream that provides intense moisture to help skin repair at, you guessed it, night. With age and hormonal changes, our skin naturally becomes dry, less elastic and dull. The Night Recovery Cream promises to restore essential moisture deep in the structure of skin’s surface. The results you should see are this: Immediately, skin is intensely moisturized. By morning, skin feels more comfortable, signs of fatigue are visibly repaired. Within weeks, see a clearer, smoother, more even texture complexion.

Available at Saks Fifth Avenue.


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