Mine Luxury Nail Lacquer


Mine Nail Lacquer

Don’t you get excited when you discover a great new product? We certainly do! When we saw the fabulous Mindy Kaling posted a picture on her Instagram page of Mine Luxury Nail Lacquer ($175-$550) and claimed it made her “feel like Beyonce,” we knew it was something worth investigating. According to their product website Mine is definitely a luxury item:

Unearth the most elegant collection of luxury nail lacquer ever created, made for those with the most discriminating standards and taste.

MINE Luxury Nail Lacquer is handmade using the finest raw minerals in the world. Each exclusive color is richly pigmented, hand-mixed and poured into a hand-crafted Austrian crystal bottle. Finished with a custom natural hair brush, application requires only one coat. Designed by a jeweler, Mine is the pinnacle of luxury – a benchmark of quality, style and perfection.

If you desire to have the epitome and luxury on your fingertips, then order Mine Nail Lacquer today.

Mine Nail Lacquer 2


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