NEW Yves Saint Laurent SPF 15 Sheer Lipstick


Yves Saint Laurent Sheer Lipstick

Attention ladies!  Dark, rich colors are going to be the trend for lips this fall/winter.  I have blonde hair and green eyes so the dark lip trend might prove to be a bit tricky for me.  Dark colors have never looked good on me, but I fear not!  Brand new from Yves Saint Laurent is sheer lipstick that is available in an array of gorgeous hues. Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE PUR SHINE SPF15 Sheer Lipstick is a shiny lipstick with exceptional gliding properties. It illuminates the lips with sparkling, transparent color. The hydrating texture ensures comfort and protection for hydrated, shiny, shimmering lips. Given the sheer, shiny, and shimmering quality of this lipstick, I believe it will help me pull off the darker colors for the cold weather months.

Available at Sephora.


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