Build Your Own Luxury Custom Aquariums and Ponds with Okeanos Aquascaping



Custom aquarium and pond company, Okeanos Aquascaping, founded in New York City in 2002, just announced some exciting new additions to their luxury aquatic services.

For more than 10 years, the company has been integrating their compatible exotic aquarium life statement pieces into luxury homes, commercial entrances and offices, and travel destinations. Okeanos Aquascaping offers cutting edge designs in their custom built tanks made of glass and acrylic tanks enclosed using wood, brick, granite or stone.


Now Okeanos Aquascaping is offering customers the unique opportunity to travel the world pick out their own fish, coral and livestock for Okeanos to replicate and install in a customized environment. Okeanos customers will have the opportunity to view exotic fish, coral and other livestock in its natural habitats and have Okeanos install a replication in the customer’s choice of location, whether it is a private home or office.


In addition to offering customized aquariums as well as weekly to monthly aquarium and pond service to the tri-state area and unique luxury vacation opportunities, Okeanos also offers public and private educational seminars about exotic livestock and pond and aquarium environments.


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