Cristal D’Arques Longchamp Old Fashioned Shot Glasses


Add a touch of class to your bar with these old fashioned shot glasses ($25, set of 6) by Cristal D’Arques Longchamp. Serve up your favorite spirits in a handsome and sophisticated way. Holding 1-1/2 ounces, it sits on a solid base and narrows slightly at its midpoint to create an arresting visual appeal. The Cristal D’Arques Longchamp collection adds a celebratory air to any occasion. It’s always the right choice for special moments when only crystal is appropriate. It’s also great for giving an added emphasis to less formal events. Designed and made in France, the pattern is made of 24 percent full lead crystal and includes deep, diamond-shaped bevels that capture and refract light at interesting angles. Cristal D’Arques Longchamp was introduced more than 40 years ago, and so includes many accessories; buy this old fashioned glass to begin a collection or to add to an already existing one. If given proper care, it’s durable enough to stand up to years of use. If washing in a dishwasher, use a liquid or gel detergent suitable for decorated or delicate items and wash on a gentle cycle. If hand washing, use lukewarm, soapy water and a soft sponge and dry with a soft cloth.


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