Elegant Lighting Maria Theresa Chandelier


Elegant Lighting’s Maria Theresa Chandelier ($2,710) is made of 100% Royal Cut RC Crystal. The golden teak color of this chandelier is something to be seen. Elegant and sophisticated, this beautiful chandelier looks like it was made for royalty; in fact, the company calls this the crystals Royal Cut. Royal Cut is a combination of high quality lead free machine cut and machine polished crystals & full-lead machined-cut crystals to meet a desirable showmanship of an authentic crystal chandelier. Elegant Lighting is a manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Philadelphia, PA since 2000. They have experience in lighting design, production, and sale. Their mission is to provide and excel in advance lighting production technology, sophisticated lighting design, and heartfelt considerations for the satisfaction of our customers together to create a crystal chandelier. Their chandeliers consist of 24karat gold/chrome plated brass fixtures which is a strong and reliable backbone for each crystal chandelier.


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