Fireplace in a Chest: The Modern Fireplace



You no longer need a built-in fireplace in order to enjoy the peaceful glow of a fire. Today’s modern fireplaces offer homeowners portability, function, and are aesthetically pleasing. Atria, who is famous for its portable fireplaces, has introduced their latest creation, “Mall Fire” which looks like a chic treasure chest and opens up to reveal a glittering fire to heat up your patio and can be conveniently carried indoors. When not in use, the fire trunk can double as a chic piece of furniture. Your guests will be delighted with the simple, yet pretty design. The fireplace treasure trunk warms up any space with bio-ethanol. This modern fireplace chest retails for $5,395.




  1. This fireplace in a cast are great and very modern fireplace design and that looking really very nice and impressive. Its sound like very cool and rich. 
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