Lafco New York Dream Homes Candle Collection


Lafco New York Dream Homes Candle Collection

Lafco New York describes themselves as a “luxury articles and fragrance company.”  We love their candles, especially their Dream Homes collection.  Intended to be a celebration of the good life, the Dream Homes candle collection consists of six sophisticated fragrances, each one tailor made to evoke the ideal setting of a perfect dream home.  All are clean burning soy based candles and come in a reusable handblown glass containers.  Each scent lasts over 100 hours.

The beach house candle contains marine notes of salty sea air combined with a whisper of wild beach grass.  The ski house candle is a blend of crystal mountain air and cedar.  The country house smells like freshly mowed grass and green ivy, just like the gardens of an English country manor house.  The penthouse reminds me of champagne, pink grapefruit, raspberry and ginger; the fresh and bubbly scent shimmers like the view of a thousand city lights from your view in the sky.  The towne house candle is warm and sultry with notes of bitter orange, clove, and nutmeg and is intended to evoke the image of a sophisticated towne house filled with polished antiques, velvet drapes, and fine crystal.  The lake house candle is a cool, damp, and a slightly floral scent intended to channel visions of a lake filled with exotic hyacinth.

You just have to decide how many dream homes you want.

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