“Spellbound” Abstract Metal Wall Art


Spellbound Abstract Metal Wall Art

Guests in your home will marvel at your smart taste when your walls are adorned with “Spellbound,” an abstract wall art metal sculpture ($325). This jewel-toned wall sculpture was designed to show off the mesmerizing qualities of light-capturing brilliance on metal. The intricate textures are hand ground and polished into the metal and reveal layers that build dramatic illusions of depth and dimension. Each piece is a hand painted and signed original work of art. The artist carefully builds each piece with the highest quality materials. Wall mounting brackets are pre-installed and ready to hang on any surface and in any direction. The artist has shipped their gallery packed artwork all over the world and is confident that this artwork will remain brilliant and bring many years of enjoyment.

Spellbound Abstract Metal Wall Art 4

Spellbound Abstract Metal Wall Art 2

Spellbound Abstract Metal Wall Art 3


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