Your Personal Spa: Luxury Baths Make Cleanliness A Luxury


Luxury Bathtubs 

I used to be strictly a shower-only kid of woman.  I convinced myself that I didn’t have the time to lay around in a tub.  I wasn’t thinking about baths with a luxury mindset.  Oh, how I was missing out.

Like thread counts that determine a bed sheet’s degree of luxury, the number of jets and how many nozzles a tub has to caress your achy muscles are some of the deciding factors in bath upgrades.

Today, there are so many options it will make your head spin.

Freestanding tubs are the latest trend, as tubs no longer need to be tethered to a wall. With sculptural curves, freestanding tubs become centerpieces for your bathroom.

MTI Whirlpool’s Stereo Water is an invisible audio system that aims to stimulate the bather’s ears in music of his or her choice.

To further make your bath experience even more comfortable there are ergonomically designed backrests, arm rests, neck massagers, tub heaters that keep your bath water at a constant temperature, anti-fog mirrors, and towel-warming drawers.

It’s all about de-stressing.


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