Movie Review: Burnt



In the movie Burnt, we find Bradley Cooper playing the role of Adam Jones, a talented chef who is trying to make a career comeback after having it all and losing it. Cinematically, there is a lot to like about this movie, although it does suffer from a few plot missteps.

From a purely humanistic standpoint, we all love a comeback story. And while Adam Driver has conquered his addiction demons and completed a self imposed punishment of shucking one million oysters in Louisiana, getting back on top of the culinary world proves to be a dicey endeavor.

Part of why Burnt works is because Bradley Cooper is a leading man that both men and women are drawn to. Men will appreciate the manic anger that the character of Adam Driver struggles to control. It’s easy to believe that this guy once wrecked his life as he is clearly his own worst enemy, even sober. Women will swoon over Cooper’s undeniably leading man good looks, and those that happen to have a thing for bad boys will be drawn to this character. Somehow, Cooper is very likable even when he’s being an enormous jerk.

If you appreciate a story about second chances, check out Burnt. It’s main character might be imbalanced, but the story is a good balance of emotion and humor.


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