A Rolex Purchased For $543 In The 1970s Ends Up Being Worth Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars


Rare Vintage Rolex 2

This is the type of story that makes my day. A man, who happened to be a pilot, purchased a Rolex in the 1970s for $543. The man hears that the Antiques Roadshow is coming to town and decides to see if that watch that he purchased decades ago might be worth a little something.

The appraiser on the Antiques Roadshow meets with the man who presents not only the watch, but also has the original box, papers, receipts, strap, and buckle. It turns out that this vintage Rolex is not only in near perfect condition, but it also happens to be of a rare Paul Newman Daytona series.

The man is informed by the Antiques Roadshow appraiser that his watch is probably worth $100,000. The man proceeded to sell the watch to a broker and happily collected his significant profit. Since it has been discovered that this watch is even more rare than originally thought, appraisers speculate that the Rolex is actually worth upwards of $350,000. Wow!

It’s time to double check grandma and grandpa’s watch collection.


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