The Eternity Heart – Luxury “One-of-a-Kind” Cremation Jewelry



Traditional burial services have been cut way back because of the recession so mortuaries had to find another creative way to make some extra money. Here’s what they came up with: cremation jewelry.

Nationwide, cremation sales, rather than tradition burials, are up 34%. In California, cremations are up 55% and mortuaries are making much less money because of the lack of tradition burial sales. To offset the monetary loss, mortuary owners are coming up with alternative product lines. In select southern California mortuaries, buyers can purchase luxury cremation jewelry.

The Eternity Heart is “one-of-a-kind” fine cremation jewelry. It is an individually handcrafted pendant that holds precious cremated remains or a lock of hair behind a fine crystal window.

Derek Godfrey, the founder of Eternity Heart Fine Memorial Jewelry in Irvine, California, says “A new level of sophistication in cremation jewelry has dawned and is now available for those individuals who desire exclusive, fine cremation jewelry made with integrity and compassion that can be handed down for generations.”

Godfrey continues, “Fine cremation jewelry is not for everyone, nor for every mortuary, but mortuaries catering to specific demographics and offering appropriate brand positioning find that this high-end jewelry is appealing to individuals and families, while also offering a high profit margin.”

The Eternity Heart cremation jewelry can be purchased at selected mortuaries. The jewelry is customizable and the options range from developing a completely new gold or platinum and can feature diamonds or sapphires. These customizable options help to increase profits for mortuaries.

The Eternity Heart is heirloom jewelry that can be passed down to future generations.



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