Andy Warhol’s Portrait of Michael Jackson Expected to Sell for Millions



This convergence of two pop culture icons came at the peak of their careers. The Andy Warhol portrait of Michael Jackson will be sold at auction at the British Music Experience – the same hall Michael Jackson was scheduled to make his big comeback.

Since the death of Jackson and since Warhol passed long ago, the portrait is causing fans and art investors to drool over the possibility of owning this piece of art.

The portrait is 26 inches by 30 inches and was done in 1984.

The portrait of Michael Jackson by Andy Warhol was put on display for the first time ever in London this past weekend. The artwork was commissioned for Jackson’s success with Thriller.

The portrait was originally scheduled to be sold, but was withdrawn from the market because of huge buyer interest – and this was before Michael Jackson died.

Pre-sale price estimates for the Warhol painting run as high as $10,000,000.


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