Brown-Bag In Style With BuiltNy’s Lunch Totes


BuiltNY Lunch Tote
Here’s a little something for the lunch crowd. Brown-bagging to work or school has never looked so good when you use BuiltNY’s lunch totes ($14.99-$59.99). The neoprene bag protects its contents while insulating to keep food cooler for up to four hours. These bags are a new take on the boring paper and plastic bags from the grocery store that don’t help keep your food fresh. BuiltNY offers their lunch totes in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs: there’s totes, mini totes, messenger bags, bento boxes and salad bowls. Each one is available in an array of colors and patterns allowing you to express your individual style. Spills are no problem either as they’re also machine washable.


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