Harborview Place Nantucket



Consider incorporating Nantucket into your summer travel plans.  Forget overcrowded beaches and other wannabe hotspots.  Nantucket, Massachusetts will surround you with beauty, sea, luxury, and a low-key lifestyle. The Harborview Place Equity Residence Club is offering up the first fractional residences in Nantucket. This gives you the opportunity to reside in Nantucket when you choose to. Some of the other posh benefits are: a top-notch concierge at your disposal, numerous vessels with which to cruise around the water (including a Hinkley Picnic Boat), spa services, fully stocked refridgerator and bath at your request so you can begin your vacation the minute you arrive, maid services, and all of the other benefits of having a home on Nantucket without all the issues associated with owning yet another home.


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