Holiday Golf’s System 4 Indoor Golf Simulator



Holiday Golf’s System 4™ Indoor Golf Simulator offers the cutting edge in indoor golf technology.

You can now work on your game all year round, whether it’s snowing outside, pouring, or even when the mosquitoes are out there waiting to prick you. Offering cutting edge in indoor golf technology, this simulator transports you to the best of the top courses from around the world, including the Pebble Beach and St. Andrews from an array of locations. While enjoying one of these gorgeously groomed courses, you can make use of the golf swing analyzer technology to get feedback on the speed, direction, and angle of your swing, and get your game in top shape.

It comes in a complete package designed to deliver the best in indoor golf simulation experience possible with a large screen projection and all of the additional features. You need a vacant area of 10? H x 15? W x 20? L. With the kinda of hardware it includes, this plaything transforms a regular room into a functional simulator. With this equipment it’s also easy to set up a home theater system, connect an Xbox, Wii, PS3 game system or simply watch TV on the large screen. All this luxury comes of course for a heavy price!


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