Limited Edition 1878 Replica Pool Table by Brunswick Billiards



Beginning in October, Brunswick Billiards is going to start producing replicas of the company’s Exposition Novelty Table from 1878. Brunswick, an iconic pool table manufacturer founded by a Cincinnati carriage maker in 1845, is reproducing this stop-and-take-notice classic in honor of the company’s 165th anniversary. The Exposition Novelty Table, an award-winner in its day, embodies sophisticated nineteenth-century refinement with the aesthetic of the then largely untamed American West. It sits on beveled legs of solid white oak and is adorned with a variety of richly grained veneers, brass rosettes, and rail sights made from Asian water buffalo bone. Brunswick will make only 25 of these exquisite 9-foot-long tables and each carries the hefty pricetag of $39,999 – and for that price they include a matching cue stick and cue rack.


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