Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Peninsula Grill Ultimate Coconut Cake


Peninsula Grill Ultimate Coconut Cake

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so why not treat her to something decadent and sweet. Charleston, South Carolina is home to the Peninsula Grill, the restaurant that is home to the famous Ultimate Coconut Cake ($100 +shipping). If you don’t live in Charleston, don’t fret. The Ultimate Coconut cake can be shipped right to your, or your mother’s front door! The celebrated cake has garnered the praise of many in the food and media world including Martha Stewart who showcased the recipe on The Martha Stewart Show. Twelve layers of pure indulgence, The Ultimate Coconut Cake is infused with coconut and fresh vanilla. Unlike most traditional coconut cakes, the pound cake center is topped with a delicious icing and coated in freshly toasted coconut. 5″ tall and 10″ in diameter, the show-stopping Ultimate Coconut Cake serves 16, weighs approximately 12 lbs. Refrigerated, the cake stays fresh for 1 week and can be frozen for up to 4 months. It is best served at room temperature. Treat your mother to something truly special this Mother’s Day.


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