Outdoor Entertaining: Frontgate Super Chill Insulated Bowls


Frontgate Super Chill Insulated Bowls

Summer parties are just around the corner. It’s the time of year when you’ll entertain your guests in your backyard and no one wants their cold food to spoil in the hot sun. Frontgate’s Super Chill Insulated Bowls ($69.50-129.50) are prized for their polished presence and superb temperature regulating abilities at your buffet table. Each insulated bowl is designed to keep your food perfectly chilled for several hours without ice or condensation. The gleaming, seamless serveware is perfect for summer soirees staged outdoors or indoors. No icky drippy buckets of ice will be needed to keep your cold food chilled. Your guests will marvel at the lovely touch of ambiance that these outdoor serving bowls add to the party.

Frontgate Super Chill Insulated Bowls 2


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