Rosenbaum Fine Art Abstract Giclee by Artist Robert Robinson


Rosenbaum Fine Art Abstract Giclee

There is a section of a wall in my office that is yet to be decorated.  I want to hang a painting, but after over two years of searching, I still haven’t stumbled upon a piece of art that would work.  I think I would like something abstract.  A painting that could mean something different to me when I look at it, depending upon my mood.  The position at which this art would be hanging will be directly above my computer monitor.  Considering that I spend about 12 hours a day working in my office, the painting must be something that I REALLY love.  I just feel like I’ll know what belongs here when I see it.  I imagine that I will lock eyes on this unknown painting from across the room and we will fall in love.  I have determined that it must be nothing less than love because this painting and I will be spending a good portion of our lives together.

If you are also in need of something to dress up your walls, then check out this Rosenbaum fine art absract giclee. Artist Robert Robinson depicts a red background with black shadows, a fiery white focal point, and hints of yellow and blue. The white almost looks like a ghostly spector to me. The red background and black shadows add mystery. I can’t decide if I think the ghostly figure is walking away, or approaching me.

Available at Neiman Marcus.


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