Fitbit Gets Fashionable with the NEW Alta Fitness Tracker


Fitbit Alta

Think all fitness trackers are ugly? Think again. Fitbit’s new fitness tracker, Alta, ($130) not only wants you to get healthy, it also wants you to look good while doing it. Consider the Alta is the more fashionable friend of the Fitbit Flex. The tracker can attach to different leather, metal or classic sports bands. This allows you to better customize the fitness tracker to your look.

In addition to being more fashion friendly, the Alta has a battery life than can last up to five days on a full charge. A better battery life gives you the freedom to not constantly worry about your device dying and not recording your workout.

Besides recording your everyday movements, the Alta will alert you when you’ve been sitting for too long and reminds you to get moving. Also, Fitbit’s new “Smart Track” will automatically recognize when you are exercising and better records your workouts.

You’ll never miss an important alert with the Alta as it has the ability to receive notifications from smartphones. And chances are you know at least one other person with a Fitbit and part of the fun is challenging your friends to fitness challenges.

The Alta has excited us most, even with all of the recent tech news about fitness trackers. We love the new and improved tech features, but we’re especially excited about the metal band.

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