Fusion HG6: Luxury Home Gym And Theater All In One


Fusion HG6 

The Fusion HC6 seems to be the ultimate home gym. Incorporating almost any possible exercise into a streamline design, not too mention a totally out-of-this-world add-on option of a built-in media center. The HC6 makes fitness look like a totally immersible experience, integrating any sort of media right into your regimen.

Including everything from barbell simulation cabling to accessory cup holders, the HC6 is adaptable for most anyone. It’s even said to be usable by those in wheelchairs. The extra add-on speakers on the set-up’s ceiling glows an awesome shade of blue, which just looks so refreshing.

For the bare HC6 system, not including the media center add-on, this Fusion set will set you back around $4,700. If you need the awesome media features as much as I do, you’ll be shelling out an extra $1,300.


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