Get The Perfect Selfie with the Lumee iPhone Case


Lumee iPhone Case

Whether you’re trying to take a new profile pic or capturing a special moment with your family, getting a good quality selfie has become an important part of life. It’s about documenting memories and we all want them to look as good as possible. Get that perfect selfie with the Lumee iPhone case ($54). The long-lasting battery works independent of your phone, so you won’t occur any additional battery drainage. The dimmer switch allows you to control the light output. Besides providing great lighting, the case looks stylish too. The case is available in a variety of colors such as rose gold, white, mint green, black and navy. Perfect lighting is just a click away with the easy on/off switch.

Lumee iPhone Case 2

Lumee iPhone Case 3

Lumee iPhone Case 4

Lumee iPhone Case 5


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