Leica announces new M9 and X1 cameras



German camera manufacturer Leica announced an update to the company’s M series camera, and also introduced a totally new camera, the Leica X1.

Leica’s new update is the Leica M9 rangefinder (a camera which uses manual focus only). The M9 looks identical to the M8.2; it will offer the same compact size and full metal housing to provide a portable and rugged build. The major update to this camera is its CCD image sensor. While its predecessor used an APS-C size CCD sensor, the M9 is outfitted with a larger 35-mm “full frame” CCD sensor; the larger image sensor will offer better image quality. It will also receive a bump from 10.3 megapixels to 18. Though its image sensor has changed, the M9’s lens mount is the same and is backwards compatible with almost all lenses since the first model was introduced in 1954. The M9 will be available for purchase in the next few days for $8,000 (body only).


Leica has also introduced a totally new product, the X1. It aims to look aesthetically similar to the M9, but is priced at $2,000. The camera uses a smaller APS-C size 12-megapixel CCD image sensor, and offers autofocus and a popup flash. Its lens is not interchangeable and is of a fixed focal length of 24 mm, with no optical zoom, and with an aperture of f/2.8. The Leica X1 will be available for purchase in December.


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