Luxury Calling: Platinum Edition iPhone


Platinum Edition iPhone 

If you were one of those people who had to have the first iPhones that hit the consumer market, then this iPhone is for you.  The most talked about mobile phone of all time has gone platinum quite literally. You’ll be able to flaunt your status with a platinum edition iPhone.  The smooth platinum body of this iPhone makes it a king among kings.

This work of art has been specifically designed for the rich and affluent by the Goldstriker International. The precious master work is decked with Platinum in the front bezel with the touch screen. Gone are the days when the preppy pink color iPhone, or your cool Hama iPhone Cheer case would be the center of a conversation at a party. The Platinum iPhone is the new show stealer. The flawless platinum casing in its rear will grab all the eyes when it reflects light from its smooth surface.

This masterpiece is adorned with platinum on the front bezel and rear casing. Unlocked to all U.K and overseas networks except 3. Now with 1.1.3 Firmware.



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