Nostalgia Electrics Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker


Until this weekend, we didn’t know that this gadget exists and now we are obsessed with how cute of a concept it is. Thanks to Nostalgia Electrics, your parties will be a hit with the Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker ($49.99). Spin your favorite sugar or sugar free hard candy into delicious cotton candy with this cotton candy maker that features a translucent bowl, allowing you to see each batch being made. Because you can also use sugar free candy, it takes the guilt out of giving kids a ton of sugar. Simple to use right out of the box. Cleanup is simple and quick; the cotton candy maker breaks down easily. Use it for themed parties (carnival, zoo, 1950’s), birthday parties, and bridal or baby showers. Tip: use hard candy colors that go with your party for an extra special touch.


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