Power Your iPod With Vodka


Power Your iPod With Vodka

We’re sure nobody wants to waste any Grey Goose, but you still might like what Horizon Fuel Cell’s Energy Discovery Kit can do. Apparently, this small apparatus can turn tiny amounts of alcohol into electricity that can power a small device like an iPod.

According to a press release, the kit features a fuel cell powered desktop fan that uses a 90-percent water, and 10-percent ethanol mix as the source fuel for transforming an electrochemical reaction into electrical energy. The device can basically generate small amounts of power for days, even weeks, in order to charge small devices using diluted household alcohol such as vodka.

The kit itself is being marketed to students, aspiring scientists, teachers and engineers as a simple educational product that retails for $99, which makes it affordable enough for anyone to try out. Besides, having a device like this one will ensure no alcohol is wasted at your next party.

Available at horizenfuelcell.com.


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