Ray of Light: Sony BDP-S500 Blu-ray Disc Payer


Sony BDP-S500 Blu-ray Disc Payer 

The world’s biggest movie distributor, Warner, made the decision to go exclusive with Blu-ray, which will be effective in June 2008. Do you have your Blu-ray player yet? The US home video market is a $42 billion-per-year market. Our favorite is Sony’s BDP-S500 Blu-ray Disc Player. Enter the next level of high definition with the stylish BDP-S500 Blu-ray Disc player. Built with rigid beam construction and a motorized sliding front panel, the BDP-S500 is a videophile’s delight. The pristine images from high definition Blu-ray Disc movies and 1080p DVD upscaling will make your HDTV come alive. Amazing 24p True Cinema output and cinema-tuned picture presets allow you to see movies exactly as the director intended.



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