SI Screens Black Diamond II CURVE Projection Screen For Your Luxury Home Theater



Home theater technology just got a lot better with SI Screens‘ Black Diamond II CURVE Projection Screen. The company’s Black Diamond technology promises to deliver “the blackest black and the whitest white,” along with the highest contrast in darkness or light giving you vivid cinematic color. The CURVE projection screen is fixed, as opposed to a motorized or manual pull-down screen, however, the company does offer other screens with those options. SI Screens tailors to the most discriminating customers in the market. The Black Diamond II CURVE Projection Screen retails for $4,199.

Black Diamond II allows projection to exist with the lights on or off by increasing projector contrast over 300%. Customers now have the ability to utilize projection in environments that only a flat panel TV could exist before. If you are looking for the ultimate room decor add any of SI’s Screen Accents options can be added to the luxurious 3.5″ beveled frame. The screen with a slight curve offers a better viewing experience with up to a 30 percent wider viewing angle, and helps compensating the slight pincushion distortion that occurs in short throw installations, giving distinct advantages over other conventional flat screens. By allowing a little curve to the screen in order to deliver the most immersed experience and greater adaptability, the manufacturer is hoping to reach an even bigger market with its latest version of high-end technology. The Black Diamond II CURVE Projection Screen is versatile – it works well in living rooms, home theaters, gaming rooms, and even commercial environments because it doesn’t have to be used only in a dark room.


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