The Virtual Butler



Only the rich have butlers and you’ll have to be wealthy to afford the Virtual Butler.

The Virtual Butler is basically a computer server that connects to all of your home’s electronics: garage doors, front gate, security cameras, pool gate, back doors, etc. It alerts you whenever there is a change in your environment.

The Virtual Butler appears like a magical genie in a specially designed mirror and speaks to you through your home speaker system. It also allows you to see what is going on around your property through a live feed from your security cameras. Like any good servant, the Virtual Butler reminds you of important appointments and provides convenient alerts, such as letting you know when your jacuzzi is fully heated.

The Virtual Butler even comes with an English accent, but can be customized to look and sound like anything you wish.

The Virtual Butler costs a pretty penny with a pricetag of $20,000 and is available through OpulentItems.



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