Vertu Signature Cobra Cell Phone Costs $310,000


Vertu Signature Cobra Cell Phone

Constructed by master phone-makers Vertu, a “wholly-owned subsidiary” of Nokia, this is the phone for people with a taste for luxury, or you could just as easily say that this is the phone for madmen that like shiny things. This is basically just a normal (albeit well-made) cell phone, but encrusted with precious gems. The “cobra” is made of 439 rubies, 2 emerald eyes, and another 2 diamonds. The production run was a very limited 8 pieces.

The Signature Cobra, as one might observe, is merely a regular phone laced with expensive rocks. It’s the equivalent of crystallizing an apple or some other fruit. A once ordinary object is now engulfed with shinny specs of light which glitter from every angle.

Very “bling”.



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