Beat The Heat With Frozen Whiskey


Snow Grouse

If you love scotch and want to cool down in the summer heat, then you will appreciate this news.  If this is a hit in the UK, I’m sure we’ll see it in America soon.

A leading brand has now come up with a cool scotch solution to beat the heat for boozy Brits — frozen whiskey.

Served straight from the freezer, the Snow Grouse will be launched by the Famous Grouse.

The frozen spirit will soon be available in duty-free shops around the world for a six-month trial period. And if it turns out to be a hit with parched travellers, it would be seen on shelves in UK supermarkets next year.

The makers of this icy dram have described it as “gloopy and sweet” with a delicate, slightly vanilla taste, and they hope that it will certainly entice many more people to discover Scotch.


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