Half-Smoked Winston Churchill Cigar Sells for $7000


Cigar enthusiasts have been known to shell out some serious money for top-of-the-line cigars, but how about paying thousands for a used cigar?

A half-smoked cigar discarded by former British prime minister Winston Churchill has sold for more than $7,000.

The cigar was tossed aside by Churchill as he headed to an urgent meeting of his cabinet in 1941 and was kept as a souvenir by a member of his domestic staff.

Churchill smoked thousands of cigars during his time as prime minister and 69 years later this particular one still carries a personalized label bearing his name.

The cigar only survived because instead of discarding it the member of his staff sent it to a friend.

She wrote on Downing Street paper that it was a souvenir of one of the greatest men who ever lived in England.


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