Jean-Marc XO Vodka


Jean-Marc XO Vodka 

Jean-Marc XO vodka is hand-crafted in the Cognac region of France using specially selected, pure local ingredients.  Jean-Marc XO vodka is distilled nine times in very small batches using French copper Alambic stills, and is then micro-oxygenated and charcoal filtered through Limousin oak.  This process takes weeks to complete.  The result is an extraordinary vodka possessing a floral bouqet, complex and elegant flavors, a silky texture, and a very long finish.  Jean-Marc XO has raised the craft of vodka making into a fine art. 

The philosophy of Jean-Marc XO is quality over quantity (remember it takes weeks to filter the small batches of this vodka).  It is this philosophy that has led Jean-Marc XO to become the world’s most revered ultra premium vodka.

Unlike a lot of vodka, this one should not be chilled much but served at a warmer temperature to appreciate it, likewise mixing it almost seems a crime. It really is quite nice sipped from a decent glass at room temperature. The complexity and structure of the vodka contributes greatly to the overall quality of a cocktail, but don’t bury it with other ingredients.

Jean-Marc XO might be one of the most critically acclaimed vodkas ever created.  It has recevied the following awards: International Five Star Diamond Award, Vodka of the Year from The Beverage Testing Institute, it is the only vodka ever to be honored by the American Academy of Hospitality Services, and it received a platinum metal from the International Review of Spirits.

Newsweek said Jean-Marc XO vodka is, “A supersleek taste with plum and cinnamon accents.  Worth every penny.”

Food & Wine declares, “This is better than any vodka I’ve ever had.  It’s as silky and classically elegant as an hermes scarf.”


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