Liebherr’s HWS 1800: User-Friendly Wine Refrigerator



Liebherr’s HWS 1800 ($1,999), a new alternative to under-counter wine fridges, can be installed anywhere. Its compact size (just 18 by 24 inches) is exactly the same as a speed oven’s. You may want to look your fine wine in the eye, not hide it under the counter. Liebherr lets you gaze at eye-level on the gorgeous HWS 1800, the new fully integrated wine unit that holds 18 bottles in an ideal storage environment. The innovative styling allows the unit to sit flush with cabinetry and its recessed handle maintains a smooth line. When designing the custom kitchen, take advantage of the flexibility to put this unique modular unit anywhere. The temperature is continuously adjustable from 41°to 68°F (5° to 20°C) and the LED ceiling light is dimmable to cast a cool glow across the room. The insulated glass door with UV protection and the activated charcoal filter protect the wine from busy kitchen influences such as light and odor.

Liebherr has been the industry leader in wine storage since the early 1990s, initially creating products for high-end restaurants, wineries and hotels. Eventually individual wine collectors expressed a demand for proper wine storage at home, and Liebherr responded with a line of wine storage cabinets that address the precise needs of fine wines to ensure maximum enjoyment.



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