Paco Rabanne Chain-Mail Handkerchief-Hem Skirt


Paco Rabanne Chain-Mail Handkerchief-Hem Skirt

Let’s change things up. How about a skirt for your next evening out? We’re obsessed with this Paco Rabanne chain-mail handkerchief-hem skirt ($3,199). Born in 1934 in Spain and raised in France, Paco Rabanne began his career as an accessories designer for legendary couture houses Givenchy and Balenciaga. He launched his own label in 1966 and immediately rocked the fashion establishment with his controversial use of avant-garde materials, such as paper, plastic, and hammered metal. In 2013, Julien Dossena was named creative director and has returned the brand to its rebellious roots, favoring provocative silhouettes, leather-tiled tops, and chain-mail dresses that revive the age-old question: Is it fashion or art? This skirt definitely walks the line of both fashion and art. We love the modern/urban/New York vibe that this skirt gives off.

Paco Rabanne Chain-Mail Handkerchief-Hem Skirt 2


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