2012 BMW Z4


Summer is approaching. It’s that time of year when car enthusiasts yearn to put the top down and a foot on the accelerator. The BMW Z4 is one of our favorite roadster cars. Starting price is $48,650 and it goes up from there. This year marks BMW’s first roadster with a retractable hardtop, a feature which we love. Thanks to a lightweight chassis with an aluminum front axle and multilink rear suspension, the Z4 brings you a whole new level of comfort, reduced fuel consumption, and impressive handling. And, the optional Adaptive M Sport Suspension allows you to choose between Normal or Sport modes for even greater driving dynamics. The difference? Normal mode utilizes the suspension to lessen the impact of the road, while more power assist is directed to the steering, giving you better maneuverability. Sport mode, on the other hand, makes for more rigid suspension and offers a quicker throttle response, tighter shift points and more precise control. A behind-the-seat storage bench comes standard. Additional storage space behind the seats is perfect for items like briefcases or handbags. And optional through-load storage for longer items like skis and golf clubs means your trunk space will never limit your extracurricular activities.
Create a new soundtrack for every drive by choosing from thousands of your own songs or from an extensive range of digital radio stations. Your iPhone, iPod, or other MP3 device easily connects to the optional iPod and USB adaptor for stereo playback. Skip tracks, access up to five playlists, store music on your vehicle’s optional hard drive, and adjust the volume through the car’s steering wheel controls and/or iDrive controller to allow you to keep your eyes where they belong — on the road. Vary your music with the HD Radio® or SIRIUS Satellite Radio options. More than 1,300 AM and FM stations have been upgraded to HD radio technology with more than 600 of the FM stations also offering “multicast” channels. Song artists and titles are shown on your display screen, so you’ll always know exactly what your favorite new tune is. SIRIUS Satellite Radio delivers 60 commercial-free music stations and more than 40 news, sports and entertainment stations, ensuring you’ll find something that suits your mood.

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