Bugatti To Increase Veyron Production



Usually when automakers look to increase production they do it by thousands of units. Well exclusive and prestigious automakers like Bugatti work differently. Volkswagen owned Bugatti is looking to boost production of the $1,000,000+ Veyron super car by 5 units this year. An executive at Volkswagen Group said that Bugatti is looking to increase production from 85 this year to 90 units.

In order to increase production Bugatti could shorten the summer break at its Molsheim plant in France. Vacation will be reduced to one week from three weeks the executive said.

Bugatti currently has 220 orders for the Veyron and has only delivered 135 units so far. The company has not released any details on what it plans after it completes its 300-unit run of the Veyron.


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