Electrifying: Porsche Boxster E


The new Boxster E is a true pioneer. It will shape the future. As a sports car without a combustion engine, this research vehicle will deliver findings that are key to the future of the sports car – in keeping with the idea of Porsche Intelligent Performance. The history of pioneering discoveries at Porsche goes back to the development of the Lohner Porsche by company founder Ferdinand Porsche in 1900. This fully electric car was years ahead of its time.

Electric mobility and Porsche – a contradiction in terms? Quite the opposite, in fact. The Boxster E research vehicle unites efficiency and power, while remaining economical. The fully electrical power train is not only locally emissions-free, it also provides a completely new kind of driving pleasure. For example, the Boxster E all-wheel drive variant generates 180 kW (245hp).

The most important component of an electric vehicle is without a doubt the batteries. They have to be compact, lightweight and powerful. At the same time, they have to last a long time and charge quickly. The battery of the Boxster E does all of this – resulting in a maximum power of 180 kW (245hp). Even better, it can be charged at any conventional charging socket.


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