Lexus LF-A to be priced over $200k


Lexus LF-A Roadster 

Lexus has said the first number of the car’s price will be a “2,” and Inside Line has word that the car might run $225,000. That is more than either a Gallardo or an F430 Spider, including European delivery and two weeks of vacation in Via Reggio. The LF-A convertible will cost even more.

Inside Line says “Lexus is gunning for the Italians.” With that kind of price, Lexus is sidestepping the Italians and has simply declared, “Your comparisons are futile, this is the best. If you want it, this is the price.”

Wow! Over $200k for a Lexus? We’re not sure what to think about that. I guess you have to respect their audactiy.


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