Porsche Targets Millennials With Two Short-Term Rental Programs


Today, Porsche announced two new short-term rental and peer-to-peer car-sharing services in a couple of locations across the United States. Called Drive and Host, they offer customers the ability to borrow various Porsche vehicles for different lengths of time, from just a couple of hours, to a month or more.

The short-term rental service in Atlanta, called Porsche Drive, builds on a subscription program the company launched there last year. The initiative lets consumers spend four hours bombing around in a Macan, 718 Cayman or Boxster for as little as $269. Throw down $2,909 and you can be the “owner” of a 911 for a week. A concierge service that delivers the car within two hours is included, of course.

“We want to offer a choice in how people experience the thrill of driving a Porsche,” Klaus Zellmer, head of Porsche Cars North America, said in a statement. “Consumers want options across a spectrum from access to ownership.”

Through its partnership with Turo, dubbed Porsche Host, Porsche owners on the west coast who are already on the peer-to-peer sharing platform will get to visit the company’s test track in Los Angeles and learn the finer points of driving. The program starts Oct. 8.

Of course, there are restrictions. Mileage caps apply based on loan length, and pricing varies depending on model. Boxster, Cayman and Macan pricing ranges from $269 for four hours to $2,139 for a week, while Cayenne, Panamera and 911 Carrera rentals come at a premium. The most expensive option, a week in a 911 Carrera with a cap of 1,500 miles, costs $2,909.


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