Tesla Roadster Goes Into Production



Burn rubber, not gasoline.

How would you like to own a super car that has twice the efficiency of even the best hybrids? It may sound impossible. It’s not.

Tesla has been the talk of auto enthusiasts for over a year now. The car is visually very appealing and provides the same get-up-and-go that Porsche, Lambo, and Ferrari lovers can’t live without. One more thing. The car is 100% electric. The Tesla Roadster is the only highway capable production electric car of any kind for sale in the United States.

The 2008 Tesla Roadsters have all already been reserved. For $5000 you can put your name on the waiting list for the 2009 model. The base price for a Tesla Roadster is $98,000. Adding options and accessories will quickly put the car in the six-figure price range.

Tesla Motors’ new CEO Ze’ev Drori is proudly reporting that his company has finally managed to put the long awaited Tesla Roadster electric sports car to the assembly line. There is even one production model Tesla Roadster already delivered.

Currently, Mr. Drori says, his company is working on expanding the electric roadster’s production “in a deliberate and controlled manner” in order to reach a rate of over 100 vehicles per month. The goal is set to be achieved early next year.

First unveiled as a prototype on July 19th, 2006, the revolutionary Tesla Roadster generated an extraordinary response from people everywhere who were inspired by the vision that beautiful, high performance cars could generate zero-emissions and burn no oil.

Less than 2 years later, this vision has become a reality as Tesla Motors begins production of this breakthrough electric vehicle. The 2008 model year is sold out and Tesla is currently taking reservations for the 2009 model year Tesla Roadster. To date, over 900 Tesla Roadsters have been reserved in total.

Through the course of development of the Roadster, Tesla Motors has established a leadership position in EV technology which it plans to extend over the next years, leading to the introduction of its next model, a five passenger sports sedan, in 2010.

If you visit Tesla’s website, you will immediately take notice of the car’s specs that the company proudly displays:

100% Electric
135 mpg equivalent
220 miles per charge
less than 2 cents per mile
0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds
13,000 rpm redline

With a 0 to 60 mph acceleration of 3.9 seconds, a 13,000 rpm redline, and the fastest top gear acceleration of any production car tested by Car & Driver magazine in 2007, combined with an EPA rating of 135 MPG equivalent, the Tesla Roadster is unique in providing super car performance at twice the energy efficiency of the best hybrids.


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