3Lab WW Cream


3Lab WW Cream

This is the $400 face moisturizer that I keep hearing about. Any company that charges $400 for face cream must believe in their product, or just have some seriously big cojones.

3Lab is headed by two chemists and an MD (hence the name, 3LAB) who claim that this cream is basically a fountain of youth. Turns out that it includes new set of ingredients called promatryx, hydranox and phyllanthus emblica fruit extract which help keep your skin looking young.

The formula is deep penetrating to help accelerate up cell regeneration, ward off wrinkles, hydrate, brighten and even out skin tone.  It’s cheaper than regular microdermabrasion visits. The WW Cream leaves skin deeply hydrated, even-toned and luminous.

3Lab also makes an eye cream.  Check it out HERE.

Available at Barneys


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