Betsey Johnson Too Too Scented Nail Color by OPI


The nail polish with perfume trend continues with OPI’s Betsey Johnson Too Too Scented Nail Color ($9.50). In particular, if you are a Betsey Johnson fan, then this polish will be extra special to you. This nail lacquer is the ultimate accessory—combining Betsey’s favorite neon pink shade and her signature, flirty fragrance in one scented polish. The bold hue perfectly complements any afternoon adventure or adds a playful pop of color to an evening out with the girls. Flash your fingers and take in the effervescent, fruity scent with every flick of your wrist. The color is called “It’s My Pink” and you will especially love wearing it in spring and summer. The color is really pretty! We should make you aware, for some reason it doesn’t smell like Too Too when you open bottle, but it does when it goes on your nails, which is weirdly fascinating. This will definitely become one of your favorite nail polishes.


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