Dior Bronze Self-Tanner Shimmering Glow Body


If you want to look tan without damaging your skin by baking in the sun, then the Dior Bronze Self-Tanner Shimmering Glow Body ($33) is the product for you. This is a tinted, iridescent, fresh gel-cream self-tanner with shimmer for the body. It recreates a radiant, sunkissed look with a soft, golden hint of shimmer in less than one hour, as it protects skin against harmful free radicals. Dior’s exclusive “pH Bronze Perfect” complex, an amazing breakthrough that identifies your skin type’s pH balance, works effortlessly to develop a glowing tan that’s more even, long-lasting, and perfect than nature. Another thing we like about this product is that it doesn’t smell bad like some of the other self-tanners out there do.


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