Escada Rockin Rio


Whether you long for summer weather or have a beach vacation planned, Escada’s new Rockin Rio ($55) perfume will set the mood. The ultimate vacation cocktail was the inspiration for this perfume. A fruity floral scent, Rock’in Rio is a young, overdosed fragrance—like a piña colada cocktail in a bottle. The combination of tropical coconut and pineapple adds a sweet yet fresh and fruity character while driving its uniqueness. The top notes tango with tangerine and papaya, giving it a fresh, tropical zing. The sweet heart notes bring the smells of Rio to life with sugar cane and peach. At the base, the sexy harmony of soft, creamy sandalwood and musks deliver the lasting note of soft skin. Imagine a vibrant and glamorous bar along a Rio promenade: the city’s beautiful and sunkissed residents admire each other with their flowing hair and colorful flamboyance. The beat of Brazilian samba simmers distantly in the background while the heat of the day dissolves to reveal the true intensity of Rio and the spirit of glamour and passion continuing day after day.


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