Jennifer Aniston Launches New Near Dusk Perfume


Jennifer Aniston Near Dusk

Jennifer Aniston has launched a new fragrance, her third actually, called Near Dusk ($55). True to her laid back California style, Aniston’s fragrances have notes that remind you of the beach. What makes Near Dusk stand out, as its name implies, is that this fragrance is sultry and more suitable for evening wear.

“I’ve been wanting to do more of a nighttime fragrance, something sexier,” says Aniston.

Near Dusk contains notes of nectarine, jasmine and coconut water.

“I love being on the beach at twilight, and with Near Dusk, I wanted to recreate those fleeting moments of sunset,” she says. “This fragrance captures that glowing feeling that comes over you as the sun sets and night falls.”

Aniston is right on the…err, nose…with this one. Near Dusk might just be the sexiest scent of the summer.


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